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The information below provides some general details about our Speaker program for the Denver Senior Coaliton monthly meetings.

About Speakers & Presentations

If you are interested in presenting an educational program at one of the Denver Senior Coalition Chapter meetings please fill out this form – CLICK HERE

About our Presentations

Presentations are typically 30 minutes in length including Q&A, but this is subject to change based on the presenter’s needs and time available during the meeting.

  • Presentations need to educational and of general interest to professionals serving seniors and should not include derogatory information on any one industry.
  • Copying handouts is the responsibility of the presenter.
  • The Denver Senior Coalitions organization does not provide AV equipment but sometimes our host can provide equipment.
  • Speakers are encouraged to arrive early and take advantage of networking with members. Speakers can bring literature and business cards to share.
  • Some type of morning refreshment is provided and speakers are welcome to enjoy breakfast with the group.

Contact a Speaker Director

If you have questions, contact a Speaker Director that serves the area that you want to present at.

East Chapter – CLICK HERE

Northwest Chapter – CLICK HERE

South Chapter – CLICK HERE

Southwest Chapter – CLICK HERE