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Please fill out this form if you are interested in presenting an educational program at one of the Denver Senior Coalition Chapter networking meetings.

About the Presentations

  1. Presentations are typically 30 minutes in length including Q&A, but this is subject to change based on the presenter’s needs, the topic and time available during the meeting.
  2. Presentations need to educational and of general interest to professionals serving seniors and should not include derogatory information on any one industry.
  3. Copying handouts is the responsibility of the presenter.
  4. Attendance at meetings ranges from 40 to 80+ people depending on the chapter, the month of the meeting and the weather.
  5. The Denver Senior Coalitions organization does not provide AV equipment but sometimes our host can provide equipment such as projection screens or flattop TVs in the rooms. Note that if you are connecting to a TV, then you are responsible for bringing the correct cable.

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