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The Chapters are - East, Northwest, South & Southwest

More about the Denver Senior Coalition Chapters

The four Denver Senior Coalition Chapters are networking organizations with members ranging from senior housing, home health industry, health and medical services, referral agencies, professional services such as legal and financial and other community based service organizations. Members include both individuals and companies and for-profit, non-profit and government agencies.

The four chapters of the Denver Senior Coalitions are:

  • EAST Chapter – CLICK HERE
    Formerly known as East Coalition for Senior Services
    Formerly known as Northwest Denver Council for Seniors
    Formerly known as Southwest Coalition on Aging
  • SOUTH Chapter – CLICK HERE
    The South Chapter is our newest chapter and was formed in 2017

Each Chapter holds separate monthly meetings except the last month of every quarter is a Joint Meeting where all chapters come together in one large meeting.

Our Dues

Our membership dues are based on a calendar year and run from January through December. Dues start at $75 for a “One Person Membership, One Company, ONE Chapter for a year.” We also have multi-member and multi-coalition memberships. The majority of the funds we raise through membership go to our Joint Coalition Assistance Fund.

For 2018 we have 3 levels of Membership

$75 One Company, ONE Chapter
$150 One Company, TWO Chapters
$225 One Company, join THREE Chapters and FOUR Chapter is included

Meeting Dates & Time:

Regular Chapter meetings for Northwest, East, Southwest and South Chapters are held in the morning in Jan, Feb, April, May, July, August, Oct and Nov. Occasionally a location host may request an earlier start or end time for a meeting.

  • East Chapter meets – 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Northwest Chapter meets – 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Southwest Chapter meets – 4th Tuesday of the month
  • South Chapter meets  – 2nd Thursday of the month
  • Note that March, June, September and December are joint coalition meetings. The day of the month for the joint meetings can vary.

For 2018 there is some variation in the meeting time. Some chapters meet from 9:30AM to 11:30AM while others meet 9:30AM to 11:00AM.

Locations of Meetings

Our meetings are held all over the great Denver metro area, however we have divided the city into East, Northwest, South and Southwest Regions that match the four chapters: East, Northwest, South and Southwest. When you join – you can join 1, 2 or 4 Chapters. You can choose to join the chapter or chapters that match the geographic region that you market to.

The general description of the boundaries of the Chapters:

  1. East Chapter – Meetings are in locations east of I-25 and south of  I-70 and north of Douglas County. East can hold meetings in downtown Denver.
  2. Northwest Chapter – Meetings are in locations south of E-470 and the Northwest Parkway and north of W Colfax Ave. in Jefferson County and North of I-70 in the northeast quadrant. Meetings may occasionally go as far north as Brighton, Louisville, and Lafayette but this is the exception as the meetings should usually be south of E-470 and the Northwest Parkway.
  3. South Chapter – Meetings are south of C-470 including Highlands Ranch, Parker, and Castle Rock. Meetings are in Douglas County including cities of Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Parker.
  4. Southwest Chapter – Meetings are in locations west of I-25, north of Douglas County and south of W Colfax Ave.

View map that shows approximate boundaries of the East, Northwest, South and Southwest Chapters

Joint Coalition Meetings

Joint Coalition Meetings are held three times a year in March, June and September from 9:30am to 11:30am. The meeting day of the month can vary for joint meetings.

  • Northwest Chapter organizes March
  • East Chapter organizes June
  • South Chapter organizes September
  • And the December Holiday Gathering will be organized by the Southwest Chapter for 2017

The 2017 Holiday party will be different this year. It will be held on Colorado Gives Day which is usually the first Tuesday of December. The party will be at our regular meeting time of 9:30 to 11:30 at a location to be determined. There will not be a speaker. The meeting will focus on how the Denver Senior Coalitions is using the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) to benefit non-profits that serve seniors. More details will be posted in late spring about the party and JCAF.

The December Holiday Gathering

The December meeting is typically a holiday gathering held in early December at a large retirement community, hospital or other large organization. The coalitions usually organizes some type of drive for gifts or donations for low income seniors. One year it was a drive to collect wrapping paper and bows, while another year it was for $15 to $25 value gift cards from grocery stores or Walmart. These items are then given to non-profits that serve low income seniors. Often the non-profit recipients are coalition members. The decision on the recipients is made by the Presidents of the three coalitions.

Speakers & Presentations at Meetings

Senior service organizations, senior support companies, business professionals and other related groups are welcome to contact the Presentation Directors of each coalition and request to be a speaker. Note that panel discussions and other types of presentations are considered for the meetings.

Learn More – Click Here

Host a Meeting

Senior Housing locations and other businesses with meeting rooms are welcome to contact the Location Directors of each coalition and offer to host a meeting. Typically the location host provides refreshments. Note that a group of professionals are welcome to apply to host a meeting at a location of their choice and provide the breakfast.

Learn More – Click Here

The Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF)

The Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) receives monies that have been paid as dues to the four Denver Senior Coalitions Chapters. Each of the 4 coalitions has an elected Officer called a “Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) Committee Rep” – LEARN MORE

Access to the Membership List

As a member you are given a user name and password which gives you access to the membership list of the coalition you joined. If you joined all three coalitions then you have access to all three membership lists. Each membership list has a unique user name and password. Names are not to be added to ongoing email blast lists. The list can be used for one time invitations to senior professional events.

Denver Senior Coalition Executive Board

The Denver Senior Coalitions has an Executive Board that is made up of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the individual chapters along with any coalition members who wishes to volunteer their time and attend the executive board meetings.

Denver Senior Coalition 2018 Executive Board as of November 2017

Coalition Presidents that are Members of the Executive Board

  • Executive Board President
    Bill Hohs – 303-747-6295
    Carespire, LLC – Veteran Aid & Attendance Consultant
  • President East Chapter
    Stuart Shwartz – 303-888-4575
    Next Step for Seniors
  • President Northwest Chapter
    Kevin Biln – 720-789-7350
    Talem Home Care & Placement Services
  • President South Chapter
    Greg Rodolph – 303-953-9924
    Synergy Home Care of Colorado

Coalition Vice Presidents that are Members of the Executive Board

  • Southwest Chapter Vice President & VP of Membership
    Patty McIlvaine – 720-383-8083
    Aspen Hills Assisted Living and Memory Care
  • East Chapter Vice President & VP of Speakers
  • Northwest Chapter Vice President & VP of Locations
    Heather Wheat – 303-482-7560
    Mountain Vista Senior Living
  • South Chapter Vice President & VP of JCAF
    Rick Cseak – 720-854-5876
    Home Helpers Senior Care at Home

Coalition Members that are Executive Board Members at Large

  • Joe Hartwig – 303-570-0637
    Joe Hartwig Law, LLC
  • Judy Rough – 303-951-6571
    Society of Certified Senior Advisors

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