The Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF)

The 2020 Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF)

The Denver Senior Coalitions’ Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) receives monies that have been paid as dues to the four Denver Senior Coalition Chapters. Our non-profit members are invited to apply for these funds through an application and vetting process. 2021 Non-profit members that want to apply for the JCAF award must be a member by June 30, 2021 to be eligible to apply for the award.

At the 2020 December Zoom Holiday Party of the Denver Senior Coalitions, our senior professional networking group showed their holiday spirit. The organization gave away Joint Coalition Assistance Fund awards.

And the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund 2020 Went To …

The coalitions use most of its dues to give to member non-profits. The awardees in an application explain how they would use an award to help older adults in our community. Each of these organizations have programs in place that help older adults directly. This year the awards went to:

  • Audio Information Network of Colorado – Audio Information Network will continue to ship out voice-activated smart speaker devices to those who are hard of hearing.
  • Colorado Gerontological Society – Colorado Gerontological Society will use their award to purchase food for older adults who are unable to use food banks during COVID-19 and/or who have quit working due to COVID-19.
  • Spark the Change – Spark the Change launched an iPad Pilot Project in April 2020 to provide iPads to our Senior Companions and their clients.
  • The Argyle Assisted Living – The Argyle Assisted Living are using the funds towards a program to provide each resident with an Amazon Alexa Device for their rooms.

If you have questions about the JCAF application guidelines and process, contact the JCAF COMMITTEE MEMBER of the Denver Senior Coalitions:

  • NORTH – Marsha Harris – 303-770-2987 – email Marsha
  • EAST – Linda Alexander – 303-475-3078 – email Linda
  • SOUTH – Patricia M. Ayd – 303-864-0978 – email Patricia
  • SOUTHWEST – Position Open

JCAF Contacts

Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF) Committee

Linda Alexander
Company: Alexander Properties

Marsha Harris
Company: Unique Marketing Items – Halo Branded Solutions

Jonathan Wells
Company: Home Care Assistance