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The four Denver Senior Coalition Chapters are networking organizations with members ranging from senior housing, home health industry, health and medical services, referral agencies, professional services such as legal and financial and other community based service organizations. Members include both individuals and companies and for-profit, non-profit and government agencies. Each Chapter has its own Board of Directors with Officers ranging from President, Vice-President, Membership Director, Location Director and Speaker-Presentation Director. The duties of these positions are explained below.

President Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Denver Senior Coalition Co-Chapter Presidents oversee the Denver Senior Coalitions organization, ensuring that the coalition performs to the expectations of the paid members. In general, the Presidents attend and run most of the meetings, however if they are not available then a Vice President or other Officer can run a meeting. Presidents need to be prepared to take criticism, and compliments from members. It is suggested that the Presidents hold officer organizational meetings to promote communication between the Denver Senior Coalition Board and the paid members.

Presidents are also expected to attend the quarterly Denver Senior Coalition Executive Board Meetings. This is a meeting of all Presidents and Vice Presidents of all Chapters along with coalition members who wish to volunteer their time. It is currently held on the first Tuesday of the month of the first month of the quarter (January, April, July, October).

Vice President Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Denver Senior Coalition Chapter Vice Presidents assist and support the President at monthly meetings, as well as running a meeting in their absence. Each Chapter VP is in charge of a “Committee”: Membership Committee; Speaker-Presentation Committee, Locations Committee, or JCAF Committee. As the VP over that committee, you are requested to meet with your Chapter Directors at the beginning of the year and offer oversight and coordination for making the committee run efficiently during the year. For example, for the Speaker-Presentation Committee you would bring your Chapter Speaker-Presentation Directors together to discuss how to find the best presentations for that year’s joint meetings. As a VP over a “Committee”, you also offer training to new Directors and assistance if they are not handling their duties. VP’s are also backups for the Presidents in case of a family emergency. Vice Presidents can also move up to the Chapter President position if there is an opening. Your contact information is posted on the website.

Membership Director Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Denver Senior Coalition Membership Directors attends the coalition meetings and runs the check-in table for the event welcoming paid members and guests. The head of Membership maintains a master membership list and sends out welcome emails and reminders about upcoming meetings. Your contact information is posted on the website.

Location Director Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Denver Senior Coalition Chapter Location Directors book the meeting locations for the Denver Senior Coalitions. This involves personally visiting a location to make sure the space is appropriate for a meeting and maintaining a list the meeting locations. The Speaker Director needs to know meeting locations in advance so they can book speakers. The Location Director also needs to send reminders to locations they have booked in advance to verify the location is still available. Often the Location Director will have meeting locations booked in advance for the entire year. Your contact information is posted on the website.

Speaker-Presentation Director Job Description

OVERVIEW: The Denver Senior Coalition Speaker-Presentation Directors help coordinate members speaking at our coalition meetings and then the third month of the quarter we bring in an outside speaker. These outside speakers are people and organizations that are different from our members’ core services. Outside speakers can range from government to non-profit to authors to other topics of interest to our members. It is important that the outside speakers be a vetted and be strong speakers. Your contact information is posted on the website.

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