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Join the Denver Senior Coalitions for 2018
New for 2018, Denver Senior Coalitions is structuring the annual membership dues by “organization”. This means that for whichever option you sign up for (1 Chapter, 2 Chapters or 3 Chapters + the 4th), you can have as many people from your organization added to the Chapter membership list as you want. For example join one chapter for $75.00 and as many people from you organization can attend that chapter, join 2 chapters for $150.00 and as many people from you organization can attend those two chapters and so on.

April 2018

Trust Account Benefiting Ky Agnew’s Daughter is Set Up
As many of you remember, we lost Ky Agnew in December 2017. Ky was a long time member of the Denver Senior Coalitions and a great connector of many of our coalition members. A trust account benefiting Angelina, her 16 year old daughter has been set up. Anyone  interested in contributing is encouraged to use the PayPal link below. If you prefer to pay by check, you can contact Robin Hartman at 303-881-7680 or Jill Ross at 303-263-7728. Thank you for your patience while this was being set up.
Contribute to the Trust Account Benefiting Ky Agnew’s Daughter – CLICK HERE

March 2018

We have new Executive Board Members

Dear Denver Senior Coalition Members,
The Denver Senior Coalitions has an Executive Board that is made up of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the individual chapters along with coalition members who wishes to volunteer their time. This board needed a secretary. We have been announcing these openings at meetings and two members stepped forward. Please welcome Abby Armijo of ADCO Hearing Products (Secretary) and Patty Bortz, of Facing Last Chapters, LLC. (member at larger), as our new Denver Senior Coalition Executive Board Members.

  • Abby Armijo – ADCO Hearing Products – 303-794-3928
    4242 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
  • Patty Bortz – Facing Last Chapters LLC – 303-919-9468
    1200 Acoma Street Unit 201, Denver, CO 80204

A Report on the 2017 JCAF Funds Distribution

Dear Denver Senior Coalition Members,
Below are the responses and summaries from all 8-member companies that received JCAF funds in December 2017. Their summaries share with us where they distributed their funds. I want to personally thank all the 2017 board members who made the decision to switch to the new JCAF distribution format, for a job well done. I pulled some numbers to share so you can compare:

The JCAF contributed to the following number of seniors in the three years prior to 2017:

  • In 2016 – the JCAF helped 93 seniors; in 2015 – 78 seniors and in 2014 – 95 seniors; for the three-year period prior to 2017, we provided assistance to a total of 266 seniors for an average of 89 seniors a year.
  • In 2017, with the new approach to our JCAF funds, our nonprofit members assisted at least 652 seniors.

This is just simply amazing! And an additional thank you to all the Denver Senior Coalition members, without their support for this organization this outreach would not be possible.
Regards, Bill Hohs – DSC Executive Board Chairperson

Learn more about our 2017 JCAF Awardees:

February 2018

Vivage Entrepreneur in Residence Program (EIRP)
Vivage has created an Entrepreneur in Residence Program (EIRP) for Innovators who are developing products and services that improve the lives of the aging population, their caregivers and families within the Vivage senior living communities. The EIRP will provide Innovators an opportunity to observe, interface with staff, administrators and/or seniors receiving input and feedback on Innovator’s products and services by those who will use them day to day – truly working to design WITH and not FOR the potential purchaser of the products and services.
View Flyer – CLICK HERE

Aging2.0’s Grand Challenges
Aging2.0’s Grand Challenges is a new global initiative to drive collaboration around the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. These eight topics are the result of five years of bottom-up and top-down dialogue with stakeholders from across Aging2.0’s interdisciplinary, intergenerational, international community of older adults, senior care providers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. They are the innovation priorities for the Aging2.0 community.
Learn More – CLICK HERE
Learn more about Aging2.0 – CLICK HERE

Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders or CAPABLE
Colorado Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) is the first community-based program to examine if CAPABLE produces similar health outcomes and cost-savings here in metro Denver as it has in other cities.
Learn More – CLICK HERE

January 2018

Not One More
This past December we lost one of our members to suicide around the holidays. A group of members of the Denver Senior Coalitions have stepped forward to be the person that anyone can call if they need someone to talk to. The members on this list, are your friends and they are all committed to being that phone call if you need someone. We are committed to making sure there is NOT ONE MORE of us lost to suicide.
View Not One More Contact List – CLICK HERE

Denver Senior Coalitions is in the News!
A big thank you to Prime Time for Seniors Newspaper for running a feature on the Denver Senior Coalitions in their January 2018 issue. The article features a large photograph of our ten Colorado Gives Day recipients from our 2017 Holiday party. This article and photograph is a push to grow our membership and get new organizations interested in our networking meetings. Prime Time for Seniors Newspaper is a member of all 4 chapters of the Denver Senior Coalitions. If you see Jessica Edgar, Debbie Watson or Bill Doyle of Prime Time at a meeting, be sure to tell them, “Thank you.” Here is a link to the online version of the paper our group was featured in – CLICK HERE


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