New for 2018, Denver Senior Coalitions is structuring the annual membership dues by “organization”. This means that for whichever option you sign up for (1 Chapter, 2 Chapters or 3 Chapters + the 4th), you can have as many people from your organization added to the Chapter membership list as you want. For example join one chapter for $75.00 and as many people from you organization can attend that chapter, join 2 chapters for $150.00 and as many people from you organization can attend those two chapters and so on.

For the networking meetings you are also not limited to how many people from your organization can attend any one Chapter meeting. This means at check-in at the meetings, we will be only be verifying that your organization has joined (This should make the check-in lines shorter). Note that as part of membership you will still have access to the membership lists of the chapters you have joined.

Why are we making this change?

The Executive Board of the Denver Senior Coalitions met in October to discuss membership dues. The group felt that there was feedback that the current system was too complicated. We could also gauge this by the volume of questions we have received. So the discussion about 2018 membership focused on how can we simplify?

The other topic that was discussed at the board meeting was that as an organization, we are actually very proud of this year’s Speaker-Presentation Director who worked very hard to book educational and interesting speakers. By and large we feel we raised the bar on the quality of the presentations. With this new approach to booking higher quality presentations, we now want to work harder to get more professionals serving seniors to attend our Chapter meetings. What better way to do that than to reach out to our members and open up the Chapter meetings to their entire staff.

To recap, for 2018 Denver Senior Coalition Membership is based on individual organizations. The organization that joins is encouraged to add as many people from their organization to the membership list that would benefit from our type of event programming.

If you have any questions about membership in Denver Senior Coalitions contact a President or Membership Coordinator for more information. Contact information for officers can be found on the website under each Chapter.

Thank you for your continued participation in Denver Senior Coalitions.
The Executive Board of the Denver Senior Coalitions