I recently had the pleasure of working with our own Denver Senior Coalition member, Patrick Baker of Prime of Life Tech on a great platform he calls Senior Tech Coffee. He graciously allowed me the time to answer so many questions I am asked when I present to gatherings all over the state of Colorado.

Also, this gives you all such a great opportunity to see Patrick and I conversing about the most important issues facing our country and individuals of all ages today. Here is the Link for the YouTube:

View Video on YouTube

I also wanted to share this link to a great video about caregivers. At Electronic Caregiver we fill the gaps. We can never replace the personal or human touch that comes with caregiving, but that doesn’t mean help isn’t needed. Through Electronic Caregiver’s life-saving technology, we can be a trustworthy resource to those cared for and the caregivers themselves. Filling The Gaps Video – CLICK HERE

Please call me so we can work together to make an appointment to continue this conversation!!

Marybeth Van Horn, RN
Electronic Caregiver