Officer Resources

Our Chapters are - East, Northwest, South & Southwest

Resources for Officers

To learn more about the Denver Senior Coalitions visit the About page – CLICK HERE

Boundary Map for the Four Chapters

Posted 11-20-16
This is an initial boundary map for 4 chapters and needs to be reviewed by the Presidents – CLICK HERE

Resources for Speaker Directors

If you have questions about these forms or suggestions for improving the process of finding and vetting speakers contact the VP of Speakers.

Memo describing the duties of Speaker Directors – CLICK HERE
File Name: dsc_speaker_committee_meeting_11-20-16.pdf

The Speaker Application Form – CLICK HERE
File Name: denverseniorcoalition_submission_to_present_yourname.docx


Resources for Location Directors

Information about Hosting a Meeting – CLICK HERE
File Name: Information-about-Hosting-a-Coalition-Meeting-11-18-16.pdf

Location Master Forms
These are word files that provide instructions on finding meeting locations for your chapter. The form is filled out  by you and emailed to your distribution list. The Location Director is the keeper of the master form. At the end of 2017 we will post the form on this web page as a resource for the next Location Director.

Have suggestions on improving the form and the procedure contact the VP of locations and Karin Hall.

East Chapter – CLICK HERE
File Name: Locations-for-East-2017-1-1-17.doc

Northwest Chapter – CLICK HERE
File Name: Locations-for-Northwest-2017-1-1-17.doc

South Chapter – CLICK HERE
File Name: Locations-for-South-2017-1-1-17.doc

Southwest Chapter – CLICK HERE
File Name: Locations-for-Southwest-2017-1-1-17.doc

Contact another Denver Senior Coalition Officer if you have questions.

East Chapter – CLICK HERE

Northwest Chapter – CLICK HERE

South Chapter – CLICK HERE

Southwest Chapter – CLICK HERE